Knit Captain Obvious Socks

The title kind of says it all; socks that proclaim their sockness for all the world to see. Combine that with some eye-catching herringbone in a brilliantly contrasting colour, and youíve got a sock that shouts out to the world: Iím a sock and Iím proud of it.

Measurements: Choose from two sizes: womenís (S/M) or (M/L). Foot circumferences is approximately 7-8 inches.

Gauge: 2 inches = 19 sts x 21 rows

Yarn: Two colours of sock yarn (1/super fine). Used here: DGB Confetti sock yarn in teal (2 balls) and red (1 ball).

Hook/Needle Size: Set of four double-pointed 1.25 mm needles.

Other Materials Required: n/a