Joleen Kraft

About Joleen Kraft

I keep myself busy with a variety of (mostly freelance) work, which generally allows me to knit and craft and create when the mood strikes. Sometimes I cook or do other crafts, but mostly I knit or crochet.

For me, knitting and crocheting has evolved from a hobby to an all-consuming passion (some would say obsession). Inspiration for my designs is drawn from all over the place, including past travels -- from Germany to Kyrgyzstan and many places in between. I dream about wool, often waking from my sleep with visions of knittin's dancing in my head.

I started designing patterns in about 2012, and I've been working hard to up my game ever since. There is always more to learn, to practice, to create.

Things I never leave home without: My handsome traveling companion, a knitting project, trusty e-book, and a picture of my slightly obese cat, Ivan.